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Check-weigher Software


check fillerman


This is one of the softwares running on the DW-## multifunction WEIGHT controllers series. According to this software you’ll be entitled to realise the check-weighing of all type of products like: packages, pieces, etc.

When looking for a controller with these features remember how your present expectations may change in the future and how could the considered system be adapted to the new working way.


PDF Catalogue







  • 3 outputs availables (correct weight, weight default and weight excess)
  • Provided with opto-isolated digital input to be used as repeater of the front keypad (start, stop, pause, etc.).
  • 200 products in memory (only for DW-XT and DW-CT)(CheckAdv version).
  • Configuration options protected by PASSWORD.
  • Provided with DW-REMOTE WINDOWSTM-based software to configure the controller.
  • Allows to transmit data weight to main PC.
  • Allows to connect to the net till 99 controllers to be managed from a main PC.



  • OVER / UNDER Control (Traffic light / Manual Filling).
  • Check-weigher with package detection by foto-eye.
  • Check-weigher with package detection by weight threshold.
  • All 3 previously modes allows 200 products in memory (only for DW-XT and DW-CT).



  • Report on every weight.
  • Report at the end of every weighed batch.



  • Communication with other devices via RS232,RS485 or Modem.
  • Barcode label printing of the weight.
  • Communication protocol adaptability to different systems.
  • Any kind of modification on customer’s demand.



* All information presented herein is subject to change without notice.