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PC Software - EasyWeight



This program has been designed to make the indicators DW-M## more powerful (under tare-weight mode).

It allows to manage an unlimited number of: customers, suppliers, products and movements of all weights performed: it is possible to obtain accumulated weights, detailed listings, etc.

In addition, it allows to configure the ticket's format, to group movements by batch number, to assign references, etc.


PDF Catalogue



  • No of scales: maximum 32.
  • No. of products: Unlimited.
  • No. of customers: Unlimited.
  • No. of suppliers: Unlimited.
  • No. of users: Unlimited (it allows to define access levels).
  • Management options available are:
    • Add, Delete, Edit, Queries,
    • Reports, Find, Sorting, Fix range.


  • Preview of the reports on the screen.
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Movements report
  • Stock adjustment report
  • Delivery note for each weight


  • Connection with third party weighing indicators.
  • RSxxx Modem or Ethernet or Wifi communication with other devices.
  • Comunication with other PC.
  • Codes input through a barcode reader.
  • Barcode label printing of the performed cycles by a labelling machine.
  • We can modify the operating on demand.


* All information presented herein is subject to change without notice.