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Do you need a high-speed weighing?


Our new series of multifunction weighing indicators contain a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that allows them to obtain weight data at a high speed rate and with highest precision.

With DSP, our weighing indicators have new and convenient features:

  • Get up to 4000 samples / second.
  • Applying advanced digital filters (IIR and FIR), these indicators are able to obtain fast and precise data samples.

With this filtering, it is unnecessary the use of oil damped load cells to obtain more precision.


FIR03 SP Weighing signal comparison between FIR and Standard filtering


This new series of weighing indicators also have USB.

And, last but not least, all of them have the same price than the current ones.


Practical examples:

  • Check-weighers can weight 150 packages per minute with a 1 division tolerance.
  • Filling systems are able to work with a 20% of time saving.


Weighing indicators that have this new functionality are:

  • DW-MI, DW-M2D, DW-BG, DW-IX and DW-PA
  • DW-XT and DW-CT

Weighing indicators with DSP


Click on this image to obtain more information